(Vientiagentuuri Karppanen)

With more than 15 years of experience as a managing director exporting steel and parts for the automotive industry, Vientiagentuuri Karppanen will give you the best information and service bridge you can imagine between Finland and European Union countries. Our business idea is to offer a tailor-made service package for companies in the Oulu region of Finland for starting exporting.

We also help foreign companies find new suppliers from Finland

Our services for our Finnish clients:

  • help to create an international business strategy
  • monitoring export needs and facilities
  • market research
  • search for customers
  • arranging of inquiries from exporting countries and forwarding them to customers
  • help in establishing quotations
  • help in establishing business contracts
  • help in establishing export documents
  • help in preparing transport and forwarding contracts
  • help in searching for local representatives or import agencies in export countries
  • help in finding business partners from foreign countries

After our customers have started their export we are ready to operate between our customers and their export customers. The contacts will be held in the customers' languages (German, English, Swedish, French, Spanish and if needed also in Polish and in Russian). In several European Union countries we have local representatives who help us to provide the best service to our customers.

Our services for companies outside Finland:

  • We help you find a new supplier from Finland
  • We also offer you our experience in co-operation between Finnish and Polish companies in project deliveries, for example.

Vientiagentuuri Karppanen (Export Agency Karppanen)

Mr. Lauri Karppanen (Managing Director)
Tel: +358 40 7289498
E-mail: lauri.karppanen (a) vieag.com
Mrs. Anna Karppanen (Export Assistant)
Tel: +358 44 3122 424
E-mail: anna.karppanen (a) vieag.com

Postal Address:
Köykkyrintie 38
90450 Kempele Finland

Visiting Address:
Köykkyrintie 38
90440 Kempele Finland

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